Our family-owned business goes above and beyond to provide personalized memory care. That excellence of care starts with our memory care team, who are hand-selected by our owners to provide exceptional service.

Our team is happy to meet with you and answer any questions you have. Contact us online or by calling (704) 233-3374.

Meet Our Dementia Care Team

Our residents receive care from a robust team of on-site and on-call health experts. In collaboration with families, our dementia care team in Charlotte provides exceptionally personalized care.

On-Site Memory Care Team

Registered Nurse (RN)

Our RN oversees the Certified Nursing Assistants and Medication Aides, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations and with our policies and procedures.

The RN also assists with creating and monitoring each resident’s care plan, routinely assesses residents’ health status, oversees proper health record maintenance, and provides ongoing caregiver training and support.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) & Medication Aides

Our full-time CNAs and Medication Aides are dedicated to monitoring and improving the cognitive and physical condition of each resident.

They work with families and providers to create individual service plans and continuously measure how well those plans meet residents’ needs.

Our CNAs pass a rigorous background check. These highly trained professionals undergo continued annual recertification and ongoing training.

Activity Director

Our activity director ensures that every resident has access to personalized, one-on-one enrichment activities. These activities must maximize abilities, spark interest, and reduce cognitive decline.

Our director takes the time to create customized activity calendars for each resident that align with their interests.

They also coordinate activities with family and outside vendors to provide pet therapy, music therapy and performances, art classes, gardening, and more.

On-Call Memory Care Team


We’ve partnered with a visiting clinical service provider who has extensive expertise in delivering care within senior living settings.

Our dedicated physician assistant delivers the same medical services that you’d expect from a traditional medical clinic.

This PA establishes each resident’s specific care plan and provides primary care for our residents. This way, residents rarely have to leave the residence for medical appointments.


We’ve also partnered with a pharmacy service to provide access to quality, cost-effective prescription care.

This includes unlimited prescription delivery, sealed medication packets that are specially prepared and rigorously checked, recurring pharmacy consulting services to improve prescription safety and cost-effectiveness, and wellness programs to address allergies, dosing, contraindications, and side effects. All of these services are managed on a secure web portal that residents and their families can access.


Our residents enjoy nutritious, home-cooked meals with the oversight of a dietitian. Our dietician evaluates every recipe and accommodates individual dietary requirements to ensure residents receive the proper nutrition.

Executive Memory Care Team

Executive Director/Administrator

Our Executive Director is a certified North Carolina Medication Aide and certified North Carolina Assisted Living Administrator. They have additional training in geriatric dietary requirements, sanitation, medication administration, diabetes, fire and accident prevention, and dementia care.

Our administrator monitors the cognitive and physical condition of each resident and provides ongoing caregiver training.

They are in routine communication with residents, families, employees, and outside medical providers to create personal service plans for residents.

Third-Party Specialists

In addition to our on-site and on-call staff, we coordinate with third-party specialists and healthcare providers to meet any additional needs that our residents may have.

We often coordinate with home care and hospice services, off-site testing, OT/PT, podiatry, and medical device and equipment delivery.

Reach Out to Our Charlotte Memory Care Team

Every member of our memory care team in Charlotte is here to enrich and elevate your loved one’s care journey. Reach out to discuss your family’s needs, ask any care questions, or schedule a tour of The Sanctuary.

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