Our memory care team has put together frequently asked questions about our memory care philosophy and communities. Our team is happy to meet with you and answer any questions you have. Contact us online or by calling (704) 233-3374.

What are your staff qualifications?

All of our caregiving staff are licensed Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Personal Care Assistants (PCA) and Medication Aides who are required to pass rigorous background checks to secure employment. Our staff are all highly experienced and trained in dementia care, are re-certified annually in Infection Control, and take part in on-going monthly training in a wide range of topics led by our Registered Nurse (RN) to hone and refresh their skills. Our staff are also trained in the use of Medication Administration Records (MAR) as we utilize electronic health records in each of our locations.

What COVID protocols do you use?

We use a holistic approach to lower the risk of COVID and other disease transmission. All new staff are required to be COVID-vaccinated per CDC guidelines. We utilize rigorous sanitation protocols and staff continually receive up to date training in infection control. It’s also important to note that a smaller, more intimate environment like ours – combined with rigorous safety protocols – means fewer people are walking in and out of our homes each day, which tends to lower risk of transmission. Finally, because we are family-owned and operated, we are able to quickly adjust our protocols based on new recommendations, guidelines, and information.

Where are your various locations, and can I schedule a tour?

Our communities are located in South Charlotte. Give us a call at 704-233-3374 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to meeting in person to provide a tour and discuss your needs.

Do you accept Medicaid?

Unfortunately, we do not. We are private pay. Our pricing page will help you explore options to pay for care.

Is my loved one a good fit for one of your locations?

We serve those who require 24/7 assistance with some or all activities of daily living (ADLs). Our residents have a wide range of needs and include those with Alzheimer’s, early onset dementia, Parkinsonian disorders, and other forms of dementia. Prior to coming to The Sanctuary, a typical resident may be living at home and getting outside caregiving assistance but now requires a higher level of care, or he or she may be dissatisfied with or have exceeded the level of care being provided at the facility in which they currently reside. In some cases, our residents or their family members are simply looking for a more intimate environment with a more personalized approach.

Beyond the physical caretaking, one area we emphasize greatly is that our residents find a sense of purpose – whether it be baking for fellow residents, caring for the garden, discussing the news, assisting with household chores, etc. Our caregivers spend a significant portion of their time interacting with the residents and partaking in activities of interest to the individual alongside them, thus stimulating conversation and engagement (as opposed to simply setting up an activity, leaving the resident alone, and running off to the next task).

Contrast that with a typical facility where a resident may not have access to the sorts of daily activities and interactions that kept them engaged and active at home. They may have trouble navigating long corridors, elevators, and dining halls and thus often find themselves sitting alone in their rooms, lonely and declining physically. If this description sounds familiar, contact us to discuss your needs. Our approach is unique, centered on unsurpassed individual attention to the residents’ needs and desires, both physical and cognitive.

Can you accommodate special diets?

Special dietary requirements can absolutely be accommodated. All meals are freshly prepared in the homes. When a resident moves in, we also assess their likes and dislikes so that we are able to stock the foods our residents prefer, just as they would enjoy in their own homes.

What are your visitation policies?

While we have suggested visiting hours to prevent overlap with the busiest times for personal care, we don’t place limits on visitation. Come whenever and as often as you like. We just ask that you adhere to our COVID safety protocols.

Is hospice allowed in the homes?

Yes. Many of our residents will require hospice as part of their end-of-life care. We work closely with hospice to facilitate their visits and help make their process as smooth as possible for the resident and their loved ones.

What do I need to bring upon move-in?

Since our suites are fully furnished (full size bed, linens, dresser, mirror, nightstand, lamp, chair, tv), you are only required to bring clothing and personal items. If you want or need to replace any pieces of furniture, simply let us know. Each resident has their own private, handicap-equipped bathroom, and cable tv is provided free of charge in each resident’s suite. We encourage you to bring familiar objects from home and family photos to personalize your space.

Will my loved one need to move out for any reason?

Generally, our residents stay with us through the end of life. On rare occasions, they may need to transfer to a skilled nursing facility if they need 24/7 skilled nursing care after hospitalization, but this is uncommon. The only situation in which a resident may be asked to leave is if they develop extremely difficult and uncontrollable behavioral issues and pose a significant danger to themselves or other residents. Rest assured, however, that we thoroughly evaluate each resident prior to move-in such that this situation rarely, if ever, arises. Additionally, when difficult behaviors have arisen after move-in, we have worked closely with the family and the resident’s physician to help him or her transition successfully into the home.

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Every member of our memory care team in Charlotte is here to enrich and elevate your loved one’s care journey. Reach out to discuss your family’s needs, ask any care questions, or schedule a tour of The Sanctuary.

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