Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia have nuanced needs that are difficult to meet without the proper training or environment. It’s not uncommon for loved ones receiving in-home care to experience cognitive decline due to boredom or isolation.

A Charlotte memory care community can provide your family with tremendous relief during this emotional time. Residents often achieve better clinical outcomes in memory care because they have the support of highly qualified caregivers within a safe and intimate setting.

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What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a residential community that delivers specialized medical care and personal care to older adults experiencing memory loss.

Memory care is intentionally designed to:

  • Provide 24/7 medical supervision by a registered nurse
  • Provide unlimited help with self-care tasks (such as bathing, dressing, and eating)
  • Establish comforting routines that lessen anxiety or aggression
  • Stimulate the senses to slow cognitive decline and increase personal engagement
  • Create opportunities for new meaningful connections

What to Expect at Our Charlotte Memory Care Communities

Not all memory care communities are created equal. As you explore various dementia care options for your family, here is what you can expect at The Sanctuary.

A Personalized Experience

Life at The Sanctuary is tailored to the individual so that they always feel safe, engaged, and happy. Personalization builds trust between residents and caretakers and preserves each individual’s legacy.

No detail is too small to personalize. We go out of our way to:

  • Make sure each resident’s favorite snacks are available
  • Document the ways an individual likes to be touched or spoken to
  • Plan individual activity calendars and meaningfully engage residents daily
  • Plan parties for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries with residents’ friends and family

1:3 Caregiver-to-Resident Ratio

Every resident at The Sanctuary is treated as a family member. Our intimate, small-sized setting has a 1:3 caregiver-to-resident ratio. This size fosters personalized attention and close bonds with our highly specialized staff.

All our team members undergo special dementia training.

Our highly trained on-site and on-call staff can handle:

  • Coordination of physician appointments, home health services, and other specialties
  • Medications delivered to the home and reviewed quarterly by a pharmacist
  • Monthly wellness visits by licensed nurses and doctors
  • Immediate caregiver responses due to the layout of each residence

Intimate Home Setting

Our aim is to put residents at ease by providing that sense of home residents still remember. Unlike traditional memory care facilities, The Sanctuary communities are located in residential neighborhoods and have the look and feel of a private home.

Every room is fully furnished with an en-suite bathroom and has accessibility and safety features that blend into the home setting. Because of our intentional design, we are better able to prevent falls or accidents.

Our memory care residences include:

  • In-room safety features such as grab bars, level floors, and slip-resistant surfaces
  • Visual cues and signage for easier navigation
  • Lighting for safety and to minimize the effects of sundowning
  • Alarmed entry/exit to keep residents safe
  • Wheelchair and walker-accessible ramps
  • 24/7 safety monitoring and emergency response system

At The Sanctuary, our residents receive highly personalized dementia care through a suite of services and amenities. We achieve whole-person wellness by having dietitian-approved dining, concierge amenities, cognitively stimulating activities, outdoor spaces to explore, and more.

Family Involvement

We encourage families to visit anytime and participate in our numerous events and celebrations. Our care team provides high-touch communication so that we can work together to provide the best possible dementia care in Charlotte for your loved one.

Explore Our Memory Care Locations

The Sanctuary is a group of premier memory care communities located within South Charlotte neighborhoods.

We offer exceptional memory care in a comfortable, familiar setting in five key locations.

Is a Charlotte Memory Care Community The Best Option for My Family?

Caring for a loved one with dementia at home is often a source of anxiety. Perhaps you’re concerned about your parent wandering off, forgetting to take their medications, or leaving the stove on. Or you’re not sure how to plan enriching activities to reduce boredom and agitation.

If you want to provide the safest, most rewarding care for your loved one, a memory care facility in Charlotte, NC is the truly best place.

A memory care community gives you peace of mind knowing your loved one has:

  • Secure environment with 24/7 supervision which can prevent falls and injuries
  • Specialized activities and programs to keep them emotionally and cognitively stimulated
  • High-level care coordination to deliver holistic care for the mind and body
  • Opportunities for social connections to improve wellness, bonding, and engagement

Most importantly, you can focus on making the most of the time you have with your parent or spouse instead of the burdens of caregiving. A memory care community lets you regain your role as daughter or son or spouse, and cherish your loved one on your own terms.

What’s the Best Way to Transition a Loved One into Charlotte Memory Care?

Transitioning to a new care environment can be challenging, especially for memory care residents who may experience heightened confusion and agitation.

At The Sanctuary, we ease this transition by:

  • Providing a comforting environment
  • Spending lots of one-on-one time with residents when they first arrive
  • Encouraging residents to decorate their rooms with personal belongings
  • Engaging residents in their favorite activities
  • Comforting residents with their favorite drinks and snacks

Charlotte Memory Care FAQs

What Services Does Memory Care Provide?

Memory care is designed for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. It offers 24/7 comprehensive care provided by specially trained staff, including memory-enhancing activities, stimulating therapies, and opportunities for socialization. It also covers all custodial needs, such as assistance with daily tasks, meals, housekeeping, and more.

What Does Medicare Cover for Alzheimer’s Care?

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover the long-term custodial care that many families require for their loved ones. However, it will cover necessary medical care, including hospital visits, doctor’s check-ups, diagnostic tests, most medications, and more.

Is Memory Care Considered Assisted Living?

Memory care shares certain aspects of assisted living – mainly the assistance with self-care tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and mobility. However, memory care encompasses a larger suite of care responsibilities, including specialized staff, dementia-specific floor plans, safety features, memory-enhancing activities, and more.

What Is the Best Care for Someone With Dementia?

The best care for dementia depends greatly on the individual, though the more personalized, the better. Individuals living with dementia can benefit from highly individualized attention, as well as memory-enhancing activities that keep them engaged. Memory care communities are a great choice because of their safety features, dedicated specialized staff, and opportunities for residents to socialize.

How Quickly Does Dementia Progress?

Dementia can progress at different rates, though it typically occurs over the course of several years. While there’s no way to know how quickly your loved one’s dementia will progress, you can make care choices to minimize mental decline. For example, a lack of physical, mental, and social stimulation can lead to quicker mental decline in your loved one. To maximize your loved one’s abilities, you should choose a dementia care provider that has the appropriate staffing ratios to enable them to provide enough physical activity, caregiver engagement, and socialization.

Tell Us More About Your Loved One

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